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Imagine... a next generation trauma response system that will help you save lives...we did

We all recognise that the world is changing and civilians in Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs) are experiencing military style injuries. Imagine if you had a system in place to plan and prepare for the unthinkable and the lives it will help to save.


TyTek Industries have developed Ptensys -  A customised system that will help you to act quickly to give life-saving care to your patrons while you wait for the emergency services to arrive. In addition the cache of supplies are also in situ when the prehospital providers arrive.

Products that were engineered for and tested in the Middle East conflicts, meet Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) guidelines, and are now available in the civilian environment.

ACT Quickly. ACT Effectively. ACT Decisively



A cache of key medical equipment is stored within our secure int:ACT™ technology carts. It contains everything required for initial treatment of traumatically injured patients in any form of MCI. It is particularly effective in the platinum ten minutes that have been highlighted in recent medical research as the key time in which you can save lives.

We have developed the essential Ptensys emergency solution in partnership with the renowned Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. Within each cart there are triage and airway sections.

The carts contain high volumes of the supplies that is usually kept in low numbers on most civilian ambulances to address severe trauma:  haemorrhage, airway compromise, pneumothorax, and hypothermia. This is essential for any pre-planned mass gathering event, where there is potential to outstrip on-site resources and to ensure you have the most appropriate trauma care kit.


Categorically, nobody before us in the emergency medical industry has designed a trauma kit that folds out to allow side-by-side working with added extendable floodlights. This unique feature takes care of poor visibility and frees the hands of the rescuers while bringing some order to a chaotic situation.

Each kit is designed to service at least four patients.

Most of the materials within the kit are applicable for basic skill level use, especially for bleed control.

Ptensys offers you peace of mind, knowing that should a life-threatening incident occur, everything on-site is designed to ensure the platinum ten minutes in pre-hospital trauma care is used to its optimum.

Ultimately, the Ptensys system is a next generation ‘insurance policy’ that prepares you for virtually every emergency care situation in sports and entertainment venues, transport hubs, hotels, malls and schools.

Our dedicated team offer both on-site and virtual reality training and will also carry out a situation analysis at your circuits to ensure optimum operational effectiveness.


Introducing our unrivalled int:ACT™ monitoring system.

This brand new, customised system offers continuous electronic monitoring of the secure storage unit for emergency medical supplies. The carts can be lifted and transported by forklift or trailer to strategic points at your venue/event.

Int:ACT™ offers seven essential features and benefits:

1. A self-contained module containing all security sensors, communications, GPS cart position and power systems.

2. Continuous automatic security monitoring of cart status and security by host computer system.

3. Monitoring of latch status, lid position, GPS location and battery condition.

4. Remote control of on-cart strobe lights and other devices for location in smoke.

5. Wireless communications connection into your existing secure WiFi networks.

6. Physical location determined via on-board GPS receiver.

7. Local on-cart self-test function. In-position verification of cart status including system health status, communications link status, GPS location and battery condition 

The carts strong tamper-proof construction has been designed for frequent transport and rough handling.  They are fully secure, will stay intact and contain the Ptensys trauma kits. 

Working with TyTek Industries will help you to plan your crisis management strategy. 


       ptensys - trauma response system




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From initial consultation and situation analysis through to training, custom design and maintenance of your Ptensys system, you can trust TyTek to deliver the ultimate life-saving innovation. 

You can hire Ptensys for one-off annual events, right through to purchasing the system so you have it in situ the whole year round. We look forward to working with you.




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