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Contract Manufacturing For Multiple Industries.

TyTek Industries helps companies achieve higher profits by making it easy and safe to manufacture products in China. Essentially, we provide contract manufacturing services. We maintain offices in Ningbo, China, with an English-Chinese speaking staff. Our Ningbo staff, headed by Chuck Tyler, will oversee every step of your product’s development. Communicating in Mandarin Chinese, they work closely with our partner factories and our own sewing factory. Secure estimates. Supervise all manufacturing and delivery. We are the only such American company with a full-time presence in China. Learn about the TyTek Advantage.

The roots of our company are in magnets and die casting. but the company has expanded far beyond being only a magnet manufacturer or a die casting company. Now, we are expert in manufacturing assemblies of different materials, always drawing on our fundamental strengths and experience. Whether it's magnetic assemblies – a magnet inserted into plastic, or one sewn into fabric – or a die casting assembled with plastic injection molding, or a custom stamping and spring assembly, TyTek has mastered it all. And we do all of that while overseeing the manufacturing of every component in the assembly. 

TyTek's clients benefit from our long-term, high-volume relationships with our factories. That means you achieve quick response and action on everything from design changes, to expedited deliveries for your products. Because of TyTek's importance to our factories, we can provide quick responses and efficiencies that you may not be able to enjoy on your own. The time and energy we save you more than pays for our services. 

If you have manufacturing needs, you should contact us. We will help you save money while maintaining top quality.

Manufacturing Service

TyTek Industries' offices in Ningbo, China, are staffed with an English-Chinese speaking team of manufacturing professionals. They can take a product from idea to a reality supervising the entire process for you in Chinese.

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Providing Manufacturing Services For Multiple Industries.

Different businesses have different needs and TyTek has solutions to meet the needs of customers across multiple industries.