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China Presence

Let us talk the talk, so you can walk the walk.

TyTek Industries’ offices in Ningbo, China, are staffed with an English-Chinese speaking team of manufacturing professionals. Together we take a product from idea to a reality – supervising the entire process for you.

By working in the language native to the factory management and workers, tooling and production problems simply evaporate. We can just as easily take over a failing project that you may have, and get it back on track. As important as our language skills are, we are also alert to the cultural subtleties that further enhance clear communications with Chinese factories.

Thanks to time zones, TyTek's key personnel are available virtually 24 hours a day. When we're sleeping in China, we're awake and working in the U.S. When it's sleep time in one place, we're up and working in the other.

The US office takes the moment your shipment leaves China. We track the movement and handle the destination details. We take responsibility for your products at customs and assure their delivery to you.

Our Eastern Promise

Crystal clear communications and regular follow-ups are vital to maintaining quality when dealing with China manufacturers. We provide our clients with on-site manufacturing supervision and precise communications in the language spoken by the China manufacturer management and workers.

The result is improved quality and lower costs. If your current manufacturing is riddled with problems, we will solve them. Want to develop a new product? We can take that development project from idea to a fine, finished product. The savings we generate for you cover our continuous on-the-spot supervision and crystal clear communications.

No Surprises.

For every story about highly successful manufacturing in China, there is another on the flip side. Poor quality, poor delivery and unfulfilled promises of savings. The source of the horror stories is always the same – poor communications. Not with TyTek Industries.

We work with Chinese factories in their native languages. More importantly, we are sensitive to the Chinese cultural nuances that further enhance communications. And the communications go both ways. For instance, we work with a factory manager in Chinese and then with you in English. The savings we generate easily pay for our continuous on-the-spot supervision and crystal clear communications


TyTek Industries is always looking to work with innovative people with a passion to design and develop new ideas.