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Need a Sewing Factory And Assemblies?
You Need TyTek.

TyTek Industries has an established sewing factory with enormous experience designing, developing and producing a wide variety of sewn products and assemblies. Tytek's sewing factory supplies products ranging from intricate flexible immobilization stretchers for emergency rescue use to non-woven totes for simple promotional uses. All of TyTek's sewn products are manufactured to exacting American quality standards in our factory in China. We sew in China, because the cost savings are astonishing.

How To Have High Quality Sewing With Low Costs.

We utilize the latest technology in computer controlled sewing machines to ensure consistent quality in the products we sew. Our sewing and assembly quality and service meet the highest American standards, because TyTek is an American company with a staff and offices in Ningbo, China, and headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our sewing experts in China supervise and monitor every step of the process for you. It is this simple – TyTek is your eyes and ears in China.

Special Sewing Help Only TyTek Provides.

We work with the very latest technology fibers and materials. We will even supply volumes as low as 500, when our customers need highly specialized custom products. Military-quality sewn assemblies frighten many, maybe even most, sewing factories. The Military all over the world is very demanding and rightfully so. TyTek is experienced meeting and exceeding Military specifications for their sewn products and assemblies.

Sewing Extras That Will Surprise You.

When your sewn products and assemblies require custom packaging and/or private labeling, we do that. Our creative packaging advice often saves money. We can provide packaging that lets the products we sew for you move directly from our factory to store shelves. Often our in-house sewing experts make suggestions to our customers about alternative materials that can be used to improve functionality or lower costs with no sacrifice in quality.

Sewing Factory Capabilities:

TyTek Industries contract sewing services include:

  • Industrial Sewing
  • Contract Sewing
  • Material selection
  • Product Design and Development
  • Printing
  • Vacuum packaging and sterilizing
  • Custom Packaging and Bar

The pictures on this page show just some of the countless contract sewing products TyTek has successfully produced. In many cases, Tytek was involved in every step of the design process, starting with material and thread selection, to stitching patterns and locations to ensure the final product’s functionality, all the while making sure that the aesthetics met each client’s vision.

Custom Contract Sewing.

You may have a new concept or you may want help with an existing product. Either way, we will accommodate all of your contract prototype sewing requirements. Present your idea to us in total confidence – a sample or drawing – and we will create your product. We will assist you from prototype to finished contract sewn product. Below are just a few samples to give you an idea of the types of sewn products we have produced – from promotional items to industrial and medical products.